Naresh Alaal’s Defense

Naresh Alaal, a student of IITB- Monash Joint PhD Program, successfully defended his thesis titled “Electronic and Optical Properties of Silicon Carbide and Boron-Nitrogen-Carbon Nanoribbons: A First-Principles Study” on Wednesday, 1st March 2017. Silicon has been the mainstay semiconducting material for a myriad of electronic devices and applications. However, simultaneous increase in processing capabilities along with miniaturization of the electronic devices to nanoscale requires alternative materials to be designed to replace the silicon, which loses its attractive semiconducting properties when dimensions fall below 10 nm.

2-dimensional materials such as graphene are attractive materials at this length scale, however a sufficient bandgap needs to be introduced to make these graphenes semiconducting. In this work, the graphene was combined with 2-D hexagonal boron nitride to tailor the materials for achieving the desired opto-electronic properties at low dimensions. Naresh’s research work focused on theoretically assessing the optical and electronic properties of silicon carbide and boron nitrogen carbon (BNC) nanoribbons using density functional theory and many body approach. The work further involved bandgap engineering of the nanoribbons to make them suitable for integrating into miniaturized devices as a replacement to silicon. By studying the electronic and optical properties of different configurations of graphene and h-BN counterparts, Naresh, has introduced a version of novel low dimensional materials that have sufficient band gap to ensure their widespread applicability in miniaturized electronics.

Naresh said “I was so fortunate to be a part of IITB-Monash Research Academy, which gave me a platform to work with highly inspiring supervisors from two world class institutes. The support from academy staff members was amazing. “

“Naresh presented his work and answered the queries of the examiners and other members of the audience in a satisfactory manner” said Prof Alok Shukla, IITB supervisor.

Naresh was jointly guided by Prof. Alok Shukla from IIT Bombay and Prof. Nikhil Medhekar from Monash University. He is the 55th graduate of the Academy. He is currently working as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Bennett University, Greater Noida. We wish him all the best for the future!