Ajay Nair’s Defense

Ajay Nair, a research scholar of the IITB-Monash Joint PhD program successfully defended his PhD thesis viva on 14h July 2017 for his thesis titled ‘Incorporating and Generating Prior Knowledge to Improve Gene Regulatory Network Inference’

Ajay worked on identifying the network of regulatory interactions in a biological cell, termed Gene-regulatory-network (GRN) inference, which is scientifically and industrially relevant. His thesis focused on developing efficient methods for incorporating prior-biological-knowledge (priors) into GRN-inference. His research has significant impacts ranging from enabling to make better medicines and therapeutics as also improving the industrial production of biochemical products such as bio-fuels.

Explaining his work, Ajay said, "We worked on how to efficiently include the knowledge that biologists have acquired over centuries of research with modern high throughput experimental data. Our work has helped to improve the accuracy as well as speed of predicting the gene regulatory networks so far.”

Ajay was jointly guided by Prof. Pramod Wangikar (IIT Bombay) and Prof. Madhu Chetty, Prof. Sue McKemmish (Monash University) for his project. He is the 59th graduate from the Academy.

We wish Ajay all the success for his future!