Students need to prepare for coming to Monash well in advance be in touch with Nancy Sowho in The Academy office

Students arrive at two times during the year January and July.

It is suggested that in April and September post the APS of the student each year the list of visiting students is provided to AEC with the following details:

Name/ Dates of travel/ Campus Location/ Internal OR External Accommodation required.

(Note the majority of student stay at the Clayton Campus. Its very important for students to specify which campus they need to stay at.)

For non Clayton campuses it is more than likely the student will be required to search for accommodation themselves. Other campuses include Gippsland and Parkville.

For Caulfield based students it has been found that its more convenient to remain at the Clayton Campus and utilise the inter campus shuttle for travel from home based to Caulfield Campus.

Parkville: Note that if a student requires accommodation at the Parkville campus there are no Monash residences
available and they will have to stay outside either at public shared house, another university’s residence or an external student accommodation.
Note that Monash has resources available for assisting students find off campus accommodation. Information is available on the Monash website.

Gippsland: There is Monash residences available on the Gippsland campus and it is recommended that Academy
students stay on campus. Though they may choose to stay externally. Information is available on the Monash website.


The Academy has a special deal with MRS Clayton that provides a room. The price for students is calculated at the non-discounted room rate per week plus all
other services costs included (internet, amenities fee etc).

Typically the weekly cost comes to $200 per week.

Students may request to stay outside of campus typically because they may be able to get cheaper rates. It is recommended that students stay on campus
and if they do want to stay off campus they review all the off campus information available on the Monash website.

Students must fill out a number of forms prior to arriving in Australia:

Form S – Study Away form: – should be filled and signed by IIT supervisors/HOD, CIPC rep prior to coming to Australia. The dates written
on the form should match the dates that have been supplied to Mamta (AEC) and passed on to MIGR in the first instance.

Final completion of the Form S from needs to be done once at Monash where the scholarship amount is entered into the form.


The scholarship amount for a student is 22,500 pa pro rata for the amount of time student is at Monash.

In the case of Clayton based on campus students (majority), the scholarship is supplied net of accommodation expenses. This enables Monash Academy
resources to provide accommodation payments to MRS with the remaining distributed to a student as a scholarship payment for the duration of time the
student is present at Monash.

For those looking after their own accommodation then the full scholarship amount is provided to the student.

Pre-Departure Check List – should be supplied to all students prior to departure. The check list provides information on what the students

need to do prior to arriving in Australia:

Airport Pick – arrange their airport pick up through the Monash airport pick up service .

This needs to be done well in advance.

Bank Details Form – This needs to be filled in once the student arrives at Monash and has secured their banking details from the bank.

Contact Johanna Thenabadu, Joanna at Westpac Bank and provide her with your details , this

will save time when you set up the back account at Westpac when you arrive