Extension of Stay at Monash

All students must spend at least 3 months at Monash during their candidature with the vast majority staying 6 months as their initial term.

  • A request to extend stay will need to be made from the student to the Academy.
  • Extension beyond 3 or 6 months can be sought whilst student is at Monash
  • This requires formal approval from both sets of supervisors.
  • The extension process is formalised through the filling out and submission of the Form J
  • It needs to be filled in completely explaining in details the reasons to extend.
  • Importantly the budget required to cover the extending period needs to be detailed.
  • Typically the scholarship funding for a first extension needs to be jointly covered with other funds that the student/supervisors can arrange from other sources.
  • Supervisors should aim to cover for an initial extension should be 40-50% of the entire scholarship amount for the duration of the extension period. ( this may exclude students who have initially come for a 3 months stay and their first extension is an extra 3 months)
  • For any subsequent stay extensions the amount has to be wholly covered 100% by supervisor funds.
  • Once completed the Form J has to be supplied to The Academy where it will be reviewed by the CEO and then by the Academy Research Management Committee, at its next available meeting.
  • If an ARMC meeting is not scheduled within the required time period to arrange for all requisite forms then the CEO can provide an advanced in principle approval for any extension application.
  • Pending approval (in principle or other) it is important the details of the extension to be provided to MIGR at Monash.
  • MIGR will arrange for the preparation of supporting documentation details for visa extension. This includes a new eCoE, OSHC health cover.
  • At the earliest possible time it is important to advise Adrian whether a room at MRS will be required for the stay period, or whether the student will be choosing to find accommodation outside any of the Monash campuses including (Clayton, Caulfield, Parkville, Gippsland).
  • After the necessary approvals the student can process their visa extension. Note there is a separate visa extension process overview that the students have developed available on the intranet.