Research Projects

Research will be conducted in a team-based approach. Research in The Academy will be truly multi-disciplinary which will allow discoveries to be made at the interface of disciplines. The Academy’s intention is to organise research into classes of problems that seeks to address a key research-theme or sector-goal. Six key research themes have been identified:


Research Themes Project Number
Monash University 
Project Title
Project Status
Design ID00711 Selby Coxon Jayesh S. Pillai Design of Guidelines and Grammar for Storytelling in Virtual Reality Candidate Required
Advanced Computational Engineering, Simulation and Manufacture, Design IMURA0738 Nemai Chandra Karmakar Girish Kumar Antennas for TV White Space Band For High Speed WiF Candidate Required
Design ID00686 Robbie Napper
Monash Co Supervisor: Selby Coxon
Sugandh Malhotra
IITB Co Supervisor: B. K. Chakravarthy
Design interventions in farm equipments for Indian small farmers Candidate Required
Design ID00687 Robbie Napper
Monash Co Supervisor: Selby Coxon
B. K. Chakravarthy
IITB Co Supervisor: Sugandh Malhotra
Sustainable design solutions for Agriculture practices in India Candidate Required
Design, Humanities and Social Sciences ID00690 Misha Myers Nina Sabnani Digitalore: Sustainable preservation, transmission and transformation
of intangible cultural heritage through digital storytelling
Candidate Required
Design ID00752 Selby Coxon Sugandh Malhotra Design Thinking for Self-Help Groups Candidate Required
Design ID00714 Selby Coxon Sugandh Malhotra Accessibility solutions for healthcare emergencies for rural areas Candidate Required
Design ID00715 Robbie Napper
Monash Co Supervisor: Selby Coxon
Sugandh Malhotra Emergency response mobility system for fire fighting in high density
city situations
Candidate Required
Advanced computational engineering, simulation and manufacture, Infrastructure Engineering, Design ID00712 Indae Hwang Jayesh S. Pillai
IITB Co supervisor: Vikram Vishal
Design and Assessment of Virtual Environments in Technological
Candidate Required
Humanities and Social Sciences, Design, Management HSS0763 Robert Thomson
Samanthi Gunawardana
Suryakant Waghmore
Rowena Robinson, Arun Iyer
Representative democracy in India: The making, breaking and fulfilment
of campaign promises
Candidate Required
Biotechnology and Stem Cell Research, Design IMURA0784 Mibel Aguilar
Monash Co-supervisor: John Lee
Shobhna Kapoor Characterizing membrane mimetic biosensors: Towards cell free
antibiotic drug screening
Candidate Required