The Annual Symposium 2013, ‘Energy Futures’

The symposium will bring researchers from IITBombay and Monash University together with Industry representatives to hear the latest research trends and challenges on this very important theme.

‘Securing a cheap energy supply and minimising adverse environmental impact is high on the agenda of governments around the world. Energy is fundamental to economic development, social well-being and national security. With aspirations of continuously improving living standards in the face of an ever increasing population, the provision of clean, cheap and reliable energy supplies is an R&D challenge. The collaborative energy research program at the IITB-Monash Research Academy is focussing on the development of advanced technologies for the generation of electricity and production of hydrogen or transport oil from coal and biomass with minimised CO2 emissions.’

Speakers will be grouped and discussions will take place on these sub themes:

  • Brown Coal / Coal Gasification / Energy Systems and Environment / CO2 Sequestration
  • Graphene as Advanced Energy Storage Materials/Hydrogen Storage Materials/Fuel Cells/Batteries/Membranes
  • Renewable Energy / Alternative Fuel/Bio Fuel


Venue:Victor Menezes Convention Centre, IIT Bombay, Powai.
Dates: 29 November Friday
Timings:9 AM to 6 PM

If you are interested in attending as a presenter or guest please click on the link for registration for the event-

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