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          For PhD candidates

          Step 1

          Please click here to fill in the Expression of Interest (EOI) Form which will enable us to adequately evaluate your background, academic record and research interests.

          If your EOI form is found to be suitable, you will receive an email indicating you are able to proceed to Step 2 of the application stage.

          Step 2

          If your EOI form is found NOT to be suitable, you will also be notified via email. In case you have any doubts, please read the Applications Process FAQ before sending your doubts to students@ We will not respond to queries that have already been adequately answered in the FAQ document.

          If your EOI Form is found to be suitable, you will need to download and complete the full application form, Form A. Contained in the email sent to you will be a unique Form A Number (FAN). The last date for submission of Form A is 20 April 2012.

          Upon completion of your Form A, please upload it to this site. For logging in to the Form A site, use your unique Form A Number (FAN). Do not give this FAN to anyone else. It is for your use only. Moreover, you can use your FAN only once. At the site, you will need to upload your Form A as well as copies of all of your academic transcripts, publications GATE score sheet, and other supporting documentation. Remember again that you will only have one opportunity to use your FAN to login to the site to upload all of your documentation related to the applications-process.

          So it will be most optimal if you collect all documentation relating to your application before visiting the site.