Hussain Bhukya’s Defense Viva

Hussain Bhukya, successfully passed his defense viva on 24th January 2017. He was jointly guided by Prof. Ruchi Anand (IIT Bombay), Prof. Milton T. W. Hearn and Dr. Reinhard I. Boysen (Monash University).

Modern antibiotics have significantly enhanced the quality and expectancy of the life of people around the world. The lead molecules in drug discovery and development are from nature’s molecular diversity. In acquiring resistance from environmental threats, bacteria have developed a well-established communicating system in which they employ their secondary metabolites as chemical signaling molecules; specifically attempting to identify and characterize the chemical signaling molecules that are involved in regulating antibiotic production in the Streptomyces species.

Bhukya Hussain’s work was directed towards making a difference by working on various aspects of combating antibiotic resistance. Says Bhukya, “As the pathogenic bacteria are becoming resistant to the existing antibiotics, there is a constant need for modern antibiotics. In spite of several harsh conditions in the environment, a few bacterial species survive by controlled alteration of their gene expression and antibiotic production. We have investigated how the proteins, with the help of small chemical signaling molecules, regulates antibiotic production in Streptomyces species.”

“Nature adopts a beautiful and ultimate selection process in which only the fittest survives. I’m equally fascinated by both science and nature, and feel I’m on a perfect platform to make a difference” said Bhukya in exhilaration.

He is the 52nd graduate from the Academy. We wish him all the best for his future endevours!