Defense Viva- Jasvipul S Chawla

Jasvipul Chawla successfully defended his PhD thesis on 27 October 2016.

In the course of his research, he addressed the issue of how to use the Reynolds number to improve the efficiency of turbines and reduce the cost of energy The Reynolds number is a dimensionless number used in fluid mechanics to indicate whether fluid flow past a body or in a duct is steady or turbulent.

Laminar flow occurs at low Reynolds numbers, where viscous forces are dominant. For instance, imagine the amount of energy a small fan with thin blades will need if it is runn in a highly viscous medium like honey.

The biggest challenge that wind turbines face is that of a low Reynolds number. Jasvipul, who is currently working in Sedemac Mechatronics Pvt Ltd, Pune, investigated various techniques to improve efficiency using ‘active flow control’ technology.

Prof. John Sheridan, his Monash supervisor said ‘Jasvipul has undertaken, and successfully completed, a challenging PhD project that stretches across a range of disciplines. He had to explore topics as diverse as control theory, aerodynamics and signal analysis. The integration of all these was crucial to successfully bringing technology, normally only seen on high-technology and expensive projects, to delivering wind energy efficiently to small-scale applications, which are relevant to remote villages’.

We wish him well for the future.