Form A

Please read the following instructions carefully before completing this form

(i) Applications for PhD candidature may be lodged at any time, although to be eligible for particular intake rounds, forms need to be submitted by certain dates. Please review The Academy website for more information.

(ii) While we will make every effort to process PhD applications rapidly, assessment of applications may take (at times) two months or more.

(iii) This is an application form only and does not constitute an enrolment for any course in The IITB-Monash Research Academy (“The Academy”) nor does it entitle an applicant to be classified as a student at The Academy.

(iv) An applicant accepted as a candidate by The Academy must enrol at both IITB and Monash by completing the official enrolment forms. Enrolment procedure details will be sent to successful applicants with a letter offering candidature.

(v) Applicants should note that doctoral candidates may not be enrolled for any other degree, diploma or non-degree subjects during their period of candidature.

(vi) All PhD applicants are admitted on a probationary basis for (at least) the first 6-12 months for full-time PhDs.

(vii) Candidates will need to abide by the additional employment conditions of each institution relating to full-time PhDs.

(viii) Please note that applications will not be processed unless full documentation is attached or supplied via the online application registration system.

(ix) All successful applicants to the program will receive a scholarship.

(x) Please check out the applications FAQ on the website at for additional information.


Applicants must provide evidence of their qualifications. This should be an official academic record, showing all subjects attempted, grades achieved (including failures) and an explanation of the grading system. The record must be an official transcript or statement of record from the institution in which these studies were attempted.

Result notification slips will not be accepted.

Originals of documents must be sighted at the interview if you are called for interview. Scanned copies are permitted for the online application part of the process but originals must be brought to interview, or the original document must be made available upon request.

Applicants who submit documents in a language other than English must provide an officially certified translation at interview, together with the original documents. Translations supported by uncertified photocopies are unacceptable.

Applicants, whose first language is not English, must submit evidence of English language proficiency. See question 7 for details on the evidence required.

All applicants are also required to provide a copy of their passport or other evidence of citizenship and provide original at interview if selected.

Submitting your application form and beyond:


All applicants should complete as many fields of this application form as possible.

Applicants need to upload this form online as part of The Academy’s application process.

Please also scan the following documents and upload these along with your application form:

[D1]- scanned copies of your academic transcripts,

[D2]- scanned copies of your publication record,

[D3]- scanned copies of your GATE, TOEFL, GRE score sheet (if applicable),

[D4]- any other supporting documentation like MTech, BTech thesis, etc.

File names of uploaded files should be meaningful.

For example: MTech-Transcript.JPG or BirthCertificate.PDF and NOT p1.jpg, p2.pdf, etc.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the files you are attaching are of a low resolution. At present we are not accepting files that are ZIPPED,(.zip) or .rar files. Feel free to upload as many documents in support of your application.


If selected for an interview you will be notified by email and are asked to bring with you the following documents:

· Passport

· Originals of all academic transcripts, ie., [D1]-[D4]…

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