The joint venture agreement provides for the formation of an Honorary Board of Directors made up of an equal number of representatives from both IITB and Monash University. We also have an Advisory Council consisting of eminent researchers, academics, and industry and government leaders, who provide advice to the Board on research priorities and strategies.

Current board members:

  • Professor Subhasis Chaudhuri (Director, IITB)
  • Professor Prasanna Mujumdar (Deputy Director, FEA, IITB)
  • Professor Neela Nataraj  (Academy Professor-in-Charge, IITB)
  • Professor Amitava De (Dean, Academic Programs, IITB)
  • Professor P.V. Balaji (Dean, R&D, IITB)
  • Professor Margaret Gardner (Vice-Chancellor and President, Monash University)
  • Professor Marc Parlange (Provost and Senior Vice-President, Monash University)
  • Professor Mathew Gillespie (Vice-Provost Faculty and Graduate Affairs, Monash University)
  • Mr. Ken Sloan (Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, Enterprise, Monash University)

Members of the Advisory Council:

  • Prof. Ramesh Mashelkar, Chair of the RAC (Former Director-General CSIR India, Chairman of Marico Innovation Foundation and President of the Indian National Science Academy)
  • Sir Professor Gus Nossal (Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Global Innovation Foundation)
  • Dr. Swati Piramal (Vice Chairperson, Piramal Enterprises Limited)
  • Mr. Ernesto Occhiello (Executive Vice-President Technology and Innovation, SABIC)
  • Dr. Santanu Dasgupta, Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries
  • Dr. Suman Majumdar (Chief Sustainability Officer, JSW Group)
  • Mr. R. Mukundan (Managing Director,Tata Chemicals Ltd.)
  • Dr. Arvind Duggal (Advisor, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India)
  • Mr. T. K. Srirang (Head, Human Resources, ICICI Bank)
  • Prof Ashok Mishra (Former Director, IITB and former CEO, Intellectual Ventures India)

Academy mentors:

  • Dr Anil Kakodkar (Chairman, Board of Governors, IITB)
  • Dr Alan Finkel (Chancellor, Monash University)
  • Mr Narayana Murthy (Chair), Founder and Chair of the Board of Infosys