Monash University Faculty


Name Email Specality
David Abramson david.abramson [at]
  • High performance computing
  • Computer systems design
  • Software engineering tools for parallel programming
  • Distributed supercomputers
Alan Aitken alan.aitken [at]
  • Multi-scale integrated analysis of tectonic systems using potential fields
  • The mechanics of intraplate orogenesis
  • Methods for large-scale gravity inversion
  • Proterozoic supercontinents – assembly and dispersal
Tuncay Alan tuncay.alan [at]
  • Micro/nano fabrication
  • MEMS
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Reliability of nanostructures
  • Microfluidics
Nandita Bhattacharjee nandita.bhattacharjee [at]
  • Advanced implementation systems
  • Audio Watermarking
  • Computer Systems Security, Computer vision, image and signal processing
  • Digital design, Hardware implementation of neural networks
Sankar Bhattacharya sankar.bhattacharya [at]
  • Coal and biomass research: different aspects of coal gasification
    and combustion
Le Nguyen Binh le.nguyen.binh [at]
  • Specialises in very high bit rate optical communications. Utilises a 10x 16 Gb/s optically amplified long-haul transmission system in the Optical Communications and Applied Photonics Lab, which has been donated by Siemens. Researches 40Gb/s and beyond WDM systems as well as simulating optical components and quantum communications.
Nick Birbillis nick.birbilis [at]
  • Advanced electrochemical analysis, including
    electrochemical AFM/STM and transient techniques
  • Kinetic stability of heterogeneous materials, such as aerospace alloys
  • Fundamental characterisation of corrosion processes on the nano/micro-scale, employing high resolution microscopy
  • Gradient structures
  • Corrosion resistant coatings and claddings
Hugh Blackburn hugh.blackburn [at]
  • A study of two-dimensional flow past an oscillating cylinder
  • Topology of fine-scale motions in turbulent channel
  • Symmetry breaking of the flow in a cylinder driven by a rotating end wall
Abdelmalek Bouazza malek.bouazza [at]
  • Geomechanics (geosynthetics)
Name Email Specality
Hoam Chung hoam.chung [at]
  • Autonomous unmanned systems (UAVs, AGVs, and UUVs)
  • Control and dynamics of micro flyers
  • Control of multi-agent systems
  • Theory and application of receding horizon control algorithms
  • Numerical methods for finite-horizon optimal control problems
  • Engineering design using semi-infinite nonlinear optimizations
  • Embedded real-time system design and implementation
  • Rotorcraft dynamics and control
  • Robotics
Alan Chaffee alan.chaffee [at]
  • Lignite dewatering: process and physical chemistry of lignites, characterisation of product water (organic & inorganic composition)
  • Heterogeneous catalysis: fuel interconversion (coal and oil shale), conversion of CO2 to useful products, bimetallic nanoparticulate catalyst
  • Adsorbent development: materials for CO2 capture, materials for CH4 and H2 storage, mesoporous and microporous adsorbents design, metal organic frameworks, amine-modified adsorbents
  • Computational chemistry: density functional and force field methods, molecular dynamics, adsorption modeling, heterogeneous catalysis, hydrophobicity of peptides
Chao Chen chao.chen [at]
  • Reconfigurable robotic arms
  • Medical robotic systems
  • Micro-mechatronic systems
  • Mobile robots
Maria Garcia De La Banda maria.garciadelabanda [at]
  • Constraint Optimisation, Constraint Modelling and Solving, Bioinformaics
Phu Dung Le phu.dung.Le [at]
  • Computer Systems Security, Data encryption, Denial of Service, Filtering, Flexible Authentication Technique, Packet filtering, Token Filter Technique (TFT), Ubiquitous Wireless Communication, Visa (authorisation token)
Qizhi Chen qizhi.chen [at]
  • Bone tissue engineering
  • Myocardial tissue engineering
  • Lung glue
  • Nanobiotechnology
X D Chen dong.chen [at]
  • Drying of food and biological materials
  • Microstructure studies of food products
  • Heat and mass transfer process fouling
  • Cleaning of process surfaces including membranes
  • Additives to mitigate fouling in heat exchangers
  • Transdermal drug delivery
  • Ink-jet device applications in food technology and biotechnology
  • Biofilm development in food processing
  • Freeze concentration and freeze drying
  • Modeling of transfer processes and chemical reactor systems
  • Fermentation processes
Wenlong Cheng medhu.chetty [at]
  • Intelligent computational techniques such as: artificial neural network; genetic algorithm; fuzzy system; and bayesian network
  • Bioinformatics
  • Optimisation
  • Grid computing
WK Chiu wing.kong.chiu [at]
  • Fluid mechanics & aerodynamics
  • Bioengineering/nanotechnology
  • Environmental engineering
  • Structures (aerospace, automotive, maritime, rail)
  • Thermodynamics & heat transfer
  • Robotics and mechatronics
Frank Collins frank.collins [at]
  • Concrete
John Cookson john.cookson [at]
  • Mechanical & aerospace engineering
Brian Cooke brian.cooke [at]
  • Molecular and cellular studies of mechanisms of pathogenesis in apicomplexan parasites with particular focus on malaria and babesiosis
  • Mechanisms of the interaction of blood cells with blood vessel walls
  • Regulation of cellular mechanical properties
Ross Coppel ross.coppel [at]
  • Seroepidemiology of malaria infection, Interactions between malaria proteins and the human red blood cell, Interactions between the malaria infected cell and the vascular wall
  • Molecular biology of malaria antigens
  • Production and delivery of malaria vaccines using transgenic plants
  • Immunological and biochemical factors in tuberculosis infection
Edoardo Daly edoardo.daly [at]
  • Stochastic soil-moisture dynamics and water balance
  • Eco-hydrology
  • Soil-atmosphere interaction
Michael Danquah michael.danquah [at]
  • Health related research:
    Nucleic acid and protein based therapeutics production and analysis
    Antibody production, immobilization, orientation and immunoassay development
    Drug and vaccine formulation and delivery via biodegradable micro/nano particles
    Development and elucidation of the mechanism of action of anti-malarial drugs and vaccines
    Optimization of fermentation schemes for the expression of biopharmaceuticals and
    recombinant proteins
    Development of plant-made vaccines
  • Energy related research:
    Bioprocess Engineering of cellular systems for the creation of renewable energy
    Improving dewatering efficiency of cell culture for biomass production
    Development of bioprocesses for the creation of bio-ethanol, bio-butanol and bio-diesel from microalgae biomass
    Solvent extraction (SE) and supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) of lipids from microalgae biomass for bio-diesel production
    Carbon dioxide capture and bioremediation of hypersaline water using microalgae
    Metabolic engineering of cellular pathways for the production of fine chemicals
  • General science & engineering research:
    Microbial fermentation science and technology
    Bioseparation media design and functionalization
    Biomolecular conjugation and interactions
    Downstream processing and biomolecule purification
    Affinity ligand design and characterization
    BioMEMS for protein detection
Chris Davies chris.davies [at]
  • Thermomechanical processing of metals
Ana Deletic ana.deletic [at]
  • Stormwater treatment and control
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Integrated urban water management
  • Water re-use (recycling)
Wen Hui Duan wenhui.duan [at]
  • Nanomechanics, smart materials and structures, sensors and actuators, structural health monitoring, hydrodynamics and very large floating structures (VLFS)
K Epp claus.epp [at]
  • Railway engineering
  • Improved wheel/rail interface
Brian Falzon brian.falzon [at]
  • Development of robust finite-element algorithms
    for predicting the response of geometrically
    non-linear structures
  • Fracture mechanics and damage in composites
  • Structural optimisation using heuristic methods
  • The dynamic response of composite structures to impact loading
  • Structural testing
  • The development of virtual testing environments
  • The design of medical implants and modelling biomechanical systems
John Forsythe john.forsythe [at]
  • “Smart” polymer bioconjugates
  • Nano-fibrous electrospun scaffolds
  • Interaction of stem cells on biopolymer substrates
  • Surface modification of Ti implants
  • Nano-fabrication of novel drug delivery systems
  • UV-curable injectable hydrogels
James Friend james.friend [at]
  • Micro/nanophysics
Name Email Specality
Mohamed Medhat Gaber mohamed.gaber [at]
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Mining data streams
  • Ubiquitous data mining
  • Distributed data mining
Gil Garnier gil.garnier [at]
  • Application of colloids and polymers to surfaces
  • Papermaking
  • Adhesion
  • Biopolymers and composites
Karen Hapgood karen.hapgood [at]
  • Understanding granulation processes
  • Liquid-particle interactions in processing equipment
  • Pharamceutical manufacturing processes for solid dosage forms
  • Applied powder technology
  • Pharmaceutical formulation
  • Design of particles to provide desired properties
Andrew Hoadley andrew.hoadley [at]
  • Wastewater cleanup, dewatering processes and biofuels
Kerry Hourigan kerry.hourigan [at]
  • Computational fluid dynamics aeroacoustics
  • Turbomachinery
  • Mineral processing fluid dynamics
  • Supersonic Jets
Christopher Hutchinson christopher.hutchinson [at]
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformations and microstructural changes in the metallic solid state
  • Relationship between mechanical properties and microstructure of metals and alloys
Ravi Jagadeeshan ravi.jagadeeshan [at]
  • Molecular rheology of polymeric liquids
  • Brownian dynamics simulations of flow-
    microstructure interactions
  • Bio-polymer dynamics in rheometric flows
  • Computational modeling of coating flows of
    viscoelastic fluids
Graeme Johanson graeme.johanson [at]
  • Library and archival science
Greg Bamber greg.Bamber [at]
  • People management organizational/technological change
  • High-performance work systems or ‘smart workplaces’
  • Arbitration, dispute prevention and settlement, mediation and negotiation
  • International comparisons and transferability of management styles and employment relations arrangements
Name Email Specality
Jonathan Keith Jonathan.Keith [at]
  • Bayesian methods
  • Bioinformatics
  • Genetic epidemiology
  • Phylogenetics
  • Statistical methods for the detection of novel non-protein-coding functional elements in genomes
kodi [at]
  • Unsaturated flow and material behaviour of reactive soils and pavement materials
  • Shrinkage, creep and unsaturated flow behaviour of cemented materials
  • Desiccation cracking of soils and cemented materials
  • Soil-atmosphere interaction and solute movement
  • Stabilisation of soils and crushed rocks with cementitious and polymeric additives
  • Landfill cover and liner design
Adrian Neild adrian.neild [at]
  • Microfluidics, non-linear ultrasound including
    acoustic radiation forces and acoustic streaming, micron scale particle
    and biological cell handling, air-coupled ultrasound and non-destructive
Christopher McNeil christopher.mcneill [at]
  • Organic semiconductor device physics
  • Polymer solar cells
  • Organic field-effect transistors
  • Synchrotron-based soft x-ray techniques in particular NEXAFS and STXM
Nemai Karmakar nemai.karmakar [at]
  • RFID, Microstrip Antennas, Planar Phased Arrays, Array Signal Processing, Microwave Active and Passive Designs, Radar Systems, Direct Conversion Receivers, Satellite Communications
Mohan Krishnamoorthy mohan.krishnamoorthy [at]
  • Location of spatially interacting facilities
  • Vehicle despatch problems
  • Constrained spanning trees
  • Combinatorial optimisation and discrete optimization
  • Problems faced by the airline industry
  • Complex routing and scheduling problems
  • Staff scheduling and rostering
Mohan Yellishetty mohan.yellishetty [at]
  • Industrial ecology applications to mining industry.
  • Development and implementation of industrial ecological principles to mining and mining communities.
  • Environmental impacts and management due to mining in particular.
  • Geotechnical & geoenvironmental – with a particular specialty in acid rock drainage and soil erosion in mining industry.
Shonali Krishnaswamy shonali.krishnaswamy [at]
  • Distributed
  • Mobile and pervasive computing systems
  • Mobile and ubiquitous data stream mining
  • Service oriented computing and mobile software agents
  • Mobile software agents
  • Intelligent software systems
  • Web services
  • Service oriented computing
Bradley Ladewig bradley.ladewig [at]
  • Ion exchange membranes for fuel cell
  • Polymer and polymer composite membranes for gas separation
  • Polymer composite membranes for water
  • Coal seam gas water treatment and beneficial reuse
  • Water desalination systems and sustainability
Dan Li danli [at]
  • Synthesis, processing and assembly of functional nanomaterials including graphene, carbon nanotubes, conducting polymers, metal and inorganic semiconductor nanoparticles/ nanofibers and biological/biomimic nanostructures
  • Developing new cost-effective techniques for solution-phase processing of nanomaterials
  • Novel applications of nanomaterials in energy conversion/storage, chemical and biomedical sensing, drug delivery, nanomedicine, catalysis and membrane separation
David W. Lupton David.Lupton [at]
  • organic chemistry
  • asymmetric catalysis
S Ling chris.ling [at]
  • Petri nets
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Software engineering
  • Formal specification
  • Real-time systems
  • Business process modelling
  • Multiagent systems
  • Context-Aware Systems
  • Pervasive and ubiquitous computing
  • Reliability and performance analysis
Doug MacFarlane douglas.macfarlane [at]
  • Preparation and characterization of ionic liquids and other types of ionic materials for a range of applications in electrochemistry, green chemistry, solar cells, batteries and biotechnology, including protein stabilization and biopreservation
David McCarthy david.mccarthy [at]
  • Urban stormwater utilisation
Nikhil Medhekar nikhil.medhekar [at]
  • Interested in understanding the structure, properties and processing of materials at nano- and micro-scale using computer simulations. The computational tools that are employed are essentially multi-disciplinary – ranging from the quantum mechanical electronic structure simulations, to large-scale molecular dynamics, phase-field and finite element simulations. Current research interests are focused on material systems crucial for optoelectronics and energy applications – for example, quantum dots, nanowires, nanotubes, and more recently, graphene and related materials.
Gujji Mutuswamy gujji.muthuswamy [at]
  • Tap into the specific expertise already available in different Faculties and Centres and bring them together in a cogent fashion that would expose the students to the climate change mitigation’s multi-faceted aspects
  • develop a simulation tool that students can play and thereby understand the key aspects of emissions trading and market behaviour under different ETS design parameters.
Name Email Specality
Antonio Patti tony.patti [at]
  • Organic chemistry – particularly relating to the chemistry of soil organic matter, humic substances and related green chemistry.
malin [at]
  • Bioengineering, optical physics, constrained programming, combinatorial optimization, communications network
Gita Pendharkar gita.pendharkar [at]
  • Biomedical Engineering
Ranjith Pathegama Gamage ranjith.pathegama.gamage [at]
  • Geosequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in coal, saline aquifers and basalt formations
  • Activation of faults due to the injection of high
    fluid pressures
  • Slope stability of large deep, open cut mines
  • Stability of wellbore analysis
  • Underground longwall mining
  • Enhanced coal bed methane recovery, ECBM
Valentijn Pauwels valentijn.pauwels [at]
  • Modeling of land-surface processes
  • Hydrologic model development
  • Data assimilation
  • Model parameter estimation
  • Hydraulic ground water theory
  • Measurement of hydrologic variables across different scales
Murray Rudman murray.rudman [at]
  • His research interests encompass many aspects of Computational Fluid Dynamics and its application to a variety of research problems including free surface fluid flows, wave-structure interaction, chaos and mixing, turbulence in non-Newtonian fluids and solid-liquid two-phase flows.
Sita Ramakrishnan sita.ramakrishnan [at]
  • Validation of distributed software components
  • Compliance and conformance testing of software components
  • Validation of software testing tools
  • Concurrent and distributed systems and software engineering
  • Component-based architectures
  • O-O method, process, quality, metrics and testing
  • Web engineering and technologies
Prabhakar Ranganathan prabhakar.ranganathan [at]
  • Rheology and continuum mechanics of living materials (e.g. suspensions of motile cells, cytoskeletal networks, biomembranes etc.)
  • Mechano-transduction in living cells
  • Reverse-engineering the cell to design biomimetic microreactors
Patrick Perlmutter Patrick.Perlmutter [at]
  • Organic synthesis
  • Total Synthesis. Current targets include: The Pervilleines, the Salvinorins, the Pamaycins, thesteroids and the Abietanes.
  • Asymmetric catalysis based on our chiral benzoxazines.
  • New imaging agents based on kangaroo paw pigments.
  • New imaging agents based on cocaine.
  • New auxiliaries for stereocontrolled oxidative coupling reactions.
Name Email Specality
Anurag Sharma anurag.sharma [at]
  • Digital communications and computer networks
  • eComputational intelligenc
  • Computer systems and architecture
Ahmet Sekercioglu ahmet.sekercioglu [at]
  • Health Economics, Development Economics, Public Economics, CGE modelling, poverty nutrition linkages, hospital choice modelling and economics of education.
Cordelia Selomulya cordelia.selomulya [at]
  • Functional (nano) materials, characterisation
    and functionalisation of smart materials for applications in medical diagnostics and therapeutics, food, national security, and the environment. Low-temperature synthesis of bioactive composites for the manufacturing of
    high-value products, e.g. controlled-release particles for pharmaceutical and functional
    food application
Wei Shen wei.shen [at]
  • Paper and thread microfluidic diagnostics for chemical and biological analysis; functional
    printing for tissue engineering and bioactive
    paper; surface engineering for wetting, adhesion and pharmaceutical applications; printing science, ink transfer fundamentals and ink paper interactions; and paper sizing and superhydrophobic paper
George Simon george.simon [at]
  • Polymer nanocomposites
  • Dendritic materials
  • Polymer blends
  • Thermosets and their toughening
  • Relationships between polymer mobility, free volume and mechanical properties
  • Liquid crystalline polymers
  • Electrospinning of nanofibers
Raman Singh raman.singh [at]
  • Metallurgical engineering
Kate Smith-Miles kate.smith-miles [at]
  • Combinatorial optimisation, meta-heuristics, operations research
  • Neural networks, intelligent systems, data mining, machine learning, meta-learning
  • Applications of intelligent techniques and optimisation methods to engineering, healthcare, bioinformatics, business, law, etc
Russell Smyth russell.smyth [at]
  • Mobile phone use among internal migrants in China
Julio Soria julio.soria [at]
  • Flow stability and control
  • Transition and turbulence research
  • Thermo-fluid and scalar transport
  • Optical and holographic experimental methods
  • Full direct simulation of turbulent flows
Leone Spiccia leone.spiccia [at]
  • Biological and medicinal chemistry:metalloenzyme mimics; de novo peptides incorporating macrocyclic ligands; peptide nucleic acid – metal complex hybrids; new agents for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV; biosensors and biological imaging agents; bioconjugates for application in neuroscience; new tools for
    studying pathogens
  • Coordination chemistry: hexacyanometallates
    as templates for magnetic materials; polynuclear metal complexes with novel physicochemical properties
  • Application of immobilised metal complexes in protein purification
  • Hydrolytic polymerization of inert metal ions;
    metal ion speciation and complexation in
    aqueous solution (ambient to hydrothermal conditions)
  • Benign gold processing
  • Dye sensitised solar cells; bio-inspired water oxidation catalysts for photoelectrochemical cells; electrochromic devices
  • Novel coatings for high performance ink receptor layers; freeze thaw indicators
  • Sol-gel processing of ceramic oxides
Tam Sridhar tam.sridhar [at]
  • Gas liquid reactions
  • Polymer rheology
Bala Srinivasan bala.srinivasan [at]
  • Software security
Kiyonori Suzuki [at]
  • Materials engineering
Name Email Specality
Dr. Zhiyuan (Terry) Liu
  • Transportation Network Modeling
  • Transportation Planning
  • Transit Network Assignment and Design
  • Road Pricing
  • Logistics Network Analysis
  • Applications of Parallel Computing in Transportation
Jefferson Tan jefferson.tan [at]
  • Management, security, and connectivity issues in computational grids.
  • Data integration issues and metadata management, network management.
David Turner david.turner [at]
  • Anion binding,
  • Ccrystal engineering
  • Metallosupramolecular chemistry of dinitrile ligands.
Guido Tack guido.tack [at]
  • Optimisation, constraint programming, problem modelling and solving
Akshat Tanksale akshat.tanksale [at]
  • Biofuels, Green Chemistry, Briorefinery, Catalysis, Hydrogen Production and Storage, Meso- and Micro-Porous Materials as Catalysts
Terry Turney terry.turney [at]
  • Main focus of research currently is on the design, production and application of functional nanomaterials.
David Taniar david.taniar [at]
  • Databases
  • Query processing
  • Mobile and geospatial databases
  • XML query processing
  • Grid and cloud data management
  • High performance database processing
  • Ontology
  • Data warehousing
  • Data mining rules and patterns
M Thompson mark.thompson [at]
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), numerical methods, aeroacoustics, turbomachinery, simulation of three-dimensional flows, non-Newtonian fluid flows.
George Thouas george.thouas [at]
  • Biomedical engineering
Kai Ming Ting kaiming.ting [at]
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Information retrieval
Paul Verma paul.verma [at]
  • Nuclear transfer protocols: cell reprogramming and transgenesis
Marika Vicziany marika.vicziany [at]
Geoff Webb geoff.webb [at]
  • Learning complex conditional probabilities from data
  • Statistically sound association discovery
  • Statistically sound association discovery
  • OPUS
  • Multiboosting
  • Decision tree grafting
  • The knowledge factory
  • Generality is predictive of prediction accuracy
  • Bioinformatics
  • Engineering applications
Ron Weber [at]
  • Ontology (a branch of metaphysics), conceptual modelling, modelling of information systems, and information systems management, audit and control
Campbell Wilson campbell.wilson [at]
  • Content-based multimedia retrieval, Digital libraries, Probabilistic information retrieval
Paul Webley paul.webley [at]
  • Adsorbent synthesis and testing and adsorption processes specifically focusing on gas separations and storage
Leslie Yeo leslie.yeo [at]
  • Micro/Nanophysics (microfluidic transport)
Bill Young bill.young [at]
  • Traffic systems
  • Parking systems
Jie Zhang jie.zhang [at]
  • Development of next generation of biosensors/biofuel cells using nanotechnology
  • Synthesis of new nanocomposite catalysts for pharmaceutical and energy applications
  • Development of quantitative theories to understand the mechanisms of electrochemical processes
Jingxin Zhang jingxin.zhang [at]
  • Adaptive and robust control of nonlinear and time varying systems
  • Applications of modeling and control techniques to control
  • Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis complex systems
  • Optimal and robust filtering and its applications to multirate signal processing and subband coding
  • Spectral estimation and its applications to
    synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and medical (ultrasound and MRI) imaging
  • SAR and medical image anlysis for target/object detection and recognition
Lian Zhang lian.zhang [at]
  • Ultra-clean fuel generation through chemical leaching of coal and/or solvent extraction
  • MLiquefaction of coal and biomass for liquid fuel production
  • Advanced combustion technologies (e.g. oxy-firing, chemical looping) for low-rank coals including Victorian brown coal
  • Co-firing of coal and carbon-neutral biomass for carbon dioxide emission reduction
  • Advanced incineration technologies (e.g. O2-
    firing) for waste materials volume reduction and value-added product (e.g. cement additive) generation
  • Ash formation and thermodynamic properties during high-temperature treatment of coal,
    biomass and waste materials
  • Pollutant emissions from coal combustion and control
  • Characterization of combustion-driven sub-micron and nanoscale particulates and their environmental impacts evaluation
  • Unique drop-tube furnace (DTF) coupled with transparent quartz reactor, two-color pyrometer and high-speed camera for in-situ diagnosis and exact quantification of char and ash yields. No such a rig exists elsewhere in Australia
  • Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES, Optima 7300DV) for quantification of trace elements in a variety of materials including coal, biomass, liquid fuel, char, ash, etc.
  • X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF) for rapid quantification of major and minor elements in above-listed solid materials
  • X-ray Diffractometry (XRD) for crystalline structure determination and quantification
  • Computer-controlled SEM (CCSEM) for individual particle analysis
  • Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy (ESR) for organometals and free radicals determination
  • Nuclear Magnet Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) for carbonaceous structure characterization
  • Thermodynamic modeling software package, FactSage 6.1
  • SEM and TEM for particle morphology
Dingyang Zheng dinyang.zheng [at]
  • Railway technology – track acceleration for monitoring impact loads
Ingrid Zukerman ingrid [at]
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Natural language processing
  • Discourse planning
  • Plan recognition
  • Multi-media interfaces
  • User modeling
Yu Lin Zhongn yu.zhong [at]
  • Energy Conversion
  • Coatings
  • Advance material characterization
  • Electro Chemistry
  • Surface Science
  • Energy Storage
  • Biosensing
Xiwang Zhang Xiwang.Zhang [at]
  • Photocatalysis
  • Membrane Technology
  • Water Treatment
  • Disinfection