Aakash Sundaresan

Aakhash Sundaresan has joined the IITB-Monash Research Academy in the Spring 2020-2021 intake. He originates from SASTRA Deemed University (Thanjavur), having completed his B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering in 2020. In addition to the B.Tech course, he was also involved in carrying out active Research at Turbulence & Flow Control Lab at SASTRA Deemed University and cleared GATE 2020. He has attended a national and an international conference on Aerospace technologies and Wind Engineering. He was given an opportunity to present his research work on “Aerodynamic Effects of Ice accretion on the airfoil”. Apart from academia, his life centres on mastering the interiority and realization of the self from various dimensions, in correspondence to sharpening the saw before using it as a perfect tool to carry out the desired work. In addition, he is inclined more towards nature and he is a Carnatic vocalist, having the love to listen to music which greatly soothes the soul. He has a great technique to find out solutions to problems from simple to complex, by looking at those problems from other’s perspective, rather than self-centred ideologies. All in all, he is focused and very well organized from beneath his mental realm. Uniting his personal, mental and academic skills; alongside the strength of the Academy to deliver quality Doctoral graduates, he envisaged that joining the IITB-Monash Research Academy would be a wise choice for his joint Ph.D. degree in the chosen field.

Link to student’s project: IMURA0959