Wasim Feroze successfully defends his PhD

Research Scholar Wasim Feroze successfully completed his PhD defense on 2nd August 2016. Wasim’s PhD thesis is titled “Impedance and Dielectric Spectroscopy of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes”, and he worked under the supervision of Prof. Manoj Neergat of IIT Bombay and Prof. Bradley Ladewig of Monash University.

His lifelong passion for the efficient use and conservation of energy has led to his current work on polymer electrolytes for fuel cells. What excites him about his work is the prospect of “producing power from thin air! Imagine, a personal power station in your backyard, silently powering your entire home”.

Wasim’s endeavour is to develop a novel membrane for Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells that will withstand higher operating temperatures for extended periods with minimal maintenance or skilled operator intervention. Apart from synthesising polymer composite membranes to enhance proton permeability, his work focused on investigating polymer chain behaviour at elevated temperatures and the consequent effects on proton conduction.

Wasim is confident that his work will result in a better understanding of polymer dynamics under various conditions. His work on the fundamental studies of the polymer chain relaxations and the membrane characterisations is expected to contribute significantly towards designing and characterizing new and efficient membrane formulations for fuel cells; using the impedance spectroscopy with the right parameters is imperative to evaluate the true proton conductivity of the membranes.

He is excited about the prospect of contributing to a technology that is twice as efficient as conventional internal combustion engines. Fuel cells have the potential to change the lives of millions of people, especially those, who live in villages.

Wasim is the 44th graduate of the Academy. We wish him all the success for his future endeavours!