The Research Academy partnership

About IITB

IITB was established in 1958 and today is recognised as one of India’s centres of academic excellence. IITB’s R&D focus is aligned with India’s goals of achieving technological competence and self-reliance. There has been dynamic progress at IITB in all academic and research activities, as well as associated facilities and infrastructure, to maintain IITB’s position as one of the leading research institutions in the world.

The Institute undertakes research projects in key areas in science and engineering, funded by national and international agencies. The success and excellence of IITB has been built on the Institute’s development of research strengths in core disciplines, an outstanding intellectual skill base, quality facilities, strong alumni support and a focus on achieving excellence in education and technology research.

About Monash University

One of the prestigious Group of Eight Australian universities, Monash is ranked in the top 50 universities in the world (Times Higher Education Supplement) and is recognised for the breadth, depth and quality of its considerable research output. More than 3,000 research students benefit from the expertise of highly skilled, internationally-renowned academic staff.

Monash is home to more than 100 research centres, is involved with 17 cooperative research centres and has research links with more than 110 institutions around the world. Monash holds some of the most sophisticated research technology in the world that includes cutting-edge laboratories, advanced imaging and electron microscopes and the largest wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere. In addition Monash is located adjacent to the new Australian Synchrotron set to provide researchers with exceptional research opportunities.

greenThe IITB-Monash
Research Academy is
an exciting partnership between two world-class research institutions