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  • Advanced Computational Engineering, Simulation and Manufacture
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Clean Energy
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      • Nanotechnology
      • Biotechnology and Stem Cell Research
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          Sustainable management of water resources is a critical issue worldwide. The long-term problem of increasingly strained water resources is growing in importance both to industry and as a matter of public concern.

          Areas of expertise
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          • Ground water and salinity – aquifer storage and recovery, groundwater modelling
          • Ground water – waterway interactions
          • Urban water management – storm water treatment technology, water sensitive urban design
          • Waterway management – river rehabilitation, sustainable water allocation, environmental flows, waterway structures
          • Flood management – risk analysis, flood mitigation structures, flood plain interaction
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              Storm water goes green

              Monash University engineers, in a joint venture with consulting firm Ecological Engineering, are helping Australian cities adopt a more sustainable system of water management. Their answer to the urban water crisis is a biofilter/rain garden. Containing plants that support biological water-cleansing processes in the soil, a biofilter collects and filters storm water as it trickles through layers of soil and gravel. The treated storm water is then used for irrigation or drained back into waterways. The project incorporates a range of disciplines such as engineering, hydrology and soil mechanics.